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Henry Paredes, Chief Executive Officer


Prior to founding VHRSS Inc., Henry operated as a contracted security expert in high-risk areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as serving in the capacity of Force Protection Officer and Security Supervisor for the U.S government.   As a 20-year U.S Navy Veteran serving in the Military Police corps, Henry has tremendous, real-world experience in law enforcement, force protection, and physical security.  As such, his leadership, management and problem solving skills ensure VHRSS lives up to its’ mantra of “no fail missions in high risk environments’”.



Rob Keeley, Chief Operations Officer


Rob is a retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, having served with distinction for 30 years in the Navy, and brings with him a deep strategic and tactical understanding of security operations.  Rob also held various tactical as well as leadership positions while contracted to the U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security Team in Kabul, Afghanistan.



Bill Stanifer, Co-CEO/ Chief Financial Officer


Bill Stanifer has worked over two decades in the security sector in both the military and private arenas.   As a U.S. Air Force Military Police Officer for 11 years, Bill has acquired unsurpassed tactical, investigation, and physical security skills and has been recognized for his leadership in adverse conditions.  His innate understanding of the complexities of physical security in high-risk, high value assets were further honed while serving in Afghanistan as part of the State Departments Diplomatic Security Team at the U.S. Embassy.  Bill also has experience in the retail sector as Operations/Sales Manager.




Jessie Barretto, Chief Safety Officer


Jessie Bareto is a 20-year U.S. Army veteran who has had a distinguished career leading soldiers and ensuring their success both on and off the battlefield.  Jessie brings to the table an unsurpassed knowledge of weapons and tactics as well as an innate understanding of logistics.   As a Complex Site Supervisor serving under the State Department Diplomatic Security mission in Kabul, Afghanistan, Jessie has unique skill sets and experience that will ensure the success of VHRSS.












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